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      ...for taking time to look at my website! I compose music, perform as a singer, I lecture, direct, and teach children as well as adults.   
      Of Danish-Canadian parentage, I came from Denmark to live in the UK at age 13. At the end of a year of travelling and searching for my Next Step at age 20, the film 'Amadeus' (where the music is the main character in the film) gave me the inspiration to get into classical music and I knew immediately I wanted to become a composer...I have never looked back. later I studied composition, piano and choir conducting in Hamburg, Germany from 87 - 93. The journey has been so amazing and still is. I enjoy working with people of all abilities and ages. Music is a such a rich artform as it touches our humanity so directly and for this I am very grateful. 

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      I teach a range of musical instruments, primarily piano, singing and guiter and always strive to find where people are at in their self-assessment so as to move forward from that point. Teaching is a creative artform, and the elements of teaching are varied. So in some cases a more thought based approach is necessary, in other cases a greater emphasis on improvisation is possible. I take my cue from the individual in front of me and seek to be as open as possible in my work. 

      As a composer I see the term contemporary as not limited to a few decades or even to my own lifetime. I see the changing fashions and trends to be greatly pushed by commercial interests, and so I try and balance my music between the aesthetic aspects of music that I am fascinated by, and what I see as the general capacity for untutored individuals to engage with and embrace certain musical experiences. I look at the offer in concert halls across the world and see that concert goers are very open to a broad spectrum of styles and genres.  

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      I am one of those who swore at an early age that I would never be a teacher, probably because my father was a much loved language teacher both in secondary eucation and in teacher trainings in Denmark. But as it happens I was very happy to help people who wanted to learn. . I came to a point around my 20th birthday where I became clear about what I wanted to do with my life. 1. I wanted to "learn how to learn", 2. I wanted to find a vocation where I could "work for the love of it" 3. I wanted to dedicate myself to a task that would require of me to develop self-discipline in my work. I have been dedicated to all three points ever since deciding to set out on a path of composition. 

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        ...Music offers so many wonderful analogies to life! 

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        A sample of a choir piece "Pater Noster"

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      If you have any questions about my work, my projects, lessons, lectures or workshops I offer, feel free to get in touch with me.

      Over the years I have used a number of paintings by the Danish painter of landscapes and nature moods, Anne Grethe Aaen. I am very grateful to be able to use her pictures for my CDs and this website.