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CDs by Gregers Brinch

  1. Blue Harmony 
    Pianoworks by Gregers Brinch 
    Piano Diana Baker (www.dianabaker.net)
    Klyde Records 2007 
    Available @ £12.- plus postage and packaging 
    please email gbrinch@gmail.com for details
  2. Harmonious Dissonance
    String Chamberworks by Brinch and others
    including Brinch String Quartet no.1 
    Label: Navona 
    Available @ £12.- plus postage and packaging, 
    please email gbrinch@gmail.com for details.
    Also available from Amazon
  3. Gregers Brinch Volume One 
    Sonata no.s 1 & 2 for Cello and Piano 
    String Quartet no 2 
    Cello: Rohan De Saram 
    Piano William Hancox
    The Bergersen Quartet
    Label: Claudio Records
  4. The Story of Parzival
    12 Songs and Narratives for Baritone and Solo Flute
    Baritone: Gregers Brinch
    Solo Flute: Julie Groves
    with poem and texts by Lindsay Clarke
  5. Lieder und Klavierwerke von Dorothee Fischer
    Baritone: Gregers Brinch
    Piano: William Hancox





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