Baritone singer


My performing as a singer fulfills my dream from childhood and with my voice I feel to be in the centre of my vocation. Singing is an activity that brings joy and I love to sing and to teach others to sing. Having had no formal training other than that of the composers through their music and my own music too for that matter I was always keen to retain a natural approach to singing. Composing for choir and solo-voices has necessitated coming to understand more about the voice. Over the years the demand of the piano to be a performer has proven to be too time-consuming. Since the autumn of 2004 I have had the amazing good fortune of working with William Hancox. He is a singing teacher/coach and of course a fabulous accompanist. His understanding of the voice training and development has enabled me to develop a new technique with an open voice that I never thought possible, but it has not only sharpened my hunger for performing as a singer but stimulated my creativity as a composer as well

More recently the work with Julie Groves on the Songs to the Story of Parzival has added new dimensions to singing and working with a solo instrument in a duo relationship is an exiting medium. My continuous working with the compositions of Kodaly has brought me lots of inspiration over the years.

Repertoire for Baritone and Piano:
Songs by Dowland, Purcell, Schubert, Schumann, Wolf, Mahler, Ravel, Butterworth, Gershwin, Coward, Kodaly, Brinch and others.

I have worked extensively in workshop and teaching environments and offer a workshop tailored to the needs of the participants. This can include:

  1. A variety of warm-up exercises. The main purpose for me in such sessions is for the participants to feel free to sound their voice and to exercise the balance of listening and singing. To access the music in the most profound way at the simplest level of technical ability. This I pursue with a light-hearted and joyful approach as I have consistently found that a joyful soul is more easily brought into song!
  2. Singing with large groups of people for periods of 10 minutes to 60 minutes. I have a large selection of rounds and songs and part songs, many, I find particularly beautiful and are in some ways challenging either melodically, rhythmically or harmonically. Through these a deeper experience of music making is achieved and the music can do its work in the soul of the participant.
  3. A selection of children’s songs that are both well and little known, these have a good effect when sung with adults!

I am open to suggestions and willing to work with any material as long as I can somehow find a connection to the music myself.



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